About IGC London

Many years ago on my regular trips to Brussels I was introduced to IGC Belgium, a club established in 1988 and still thriving today. Formed by a small group of like-minded golfers living in and around the Brussels area, they were desperate to play golf but unsure where, how, or indeed who with. As well as containing many international visitors, the group contained golfing locals not wishing to join one particular club. Soon however, they were joined by those already a club member but simply wanted to play more golf on a variety of courses.

They saw a real potential for a new type of golfing society. Local clubs were contacted, golf days arranged, and the IGC concept was born. I’ve enjoyed many IGC golf events both in Belgium and their tours abroad – it soon struck me what a simple yet brilliant concept it was. Thus, with IGC Belgium’s full blessing, IGC London was born.

I want each golf day to be welcoming & thoroughly enjoyable for everyone both on & off the course.

Please feel free to contact me personally at any time by phone or email at the details shown below.

Peter Phillips
07930 445566

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