Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know – Please read carefully…..

  • Many events may have a maximum number of places available. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis
  • If you are already a member at one of our scheduled venues, no green fee will be charged
  • In the event of a cancellation by IGC London, all prepaid monies will be refunded immediately or transferred to another venue of your choice
  • All deposit and event payments secure your place at each event and are non refundable
  • No handicap? Prior to your first event, Peter will work with you to identify a fair handicap based on your experience. Peter records all scores at every event, as you attend more events, your handicap can then be adjusted if needed.

And finally…..

By implementing the strict refund policy outlined above, rest assured it works. We have been running events since 2016 & there has not been one single problem with refunds. Rather like buying a plane ticket or theatre ticket, once it’s bought, it’s bought. In short, it stops people messing around – once they commit, they commit. Obviously unavoidable last minute changes of plan occur, but people almost always simply get a golfing chum to take their place & inform us of the name change.

IGC London has no vetting procedure – we welcome all ladies and gentlemen from any walk of life.

International Golf Club London is a limited company registered with companies house (company number 09912602)

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