Terms and conditions of IGC London Ltd

1 General
1.1 The following Terms & Conditions apply to all those attending IGC London golf days.
1.2 These terms & conditions may be changed at any time and without prior notice. The latest version will be that which is published on the IGC website (www.igclondon.co.uk) at any time.
1.3 Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
1.4 Membership of IGC London does not imply an automatic right to renew membership in subsequent membership years.
1.5 Data Protection. You consent to our use of the information given by you, including your personal information, for the administration of your registration and/or membership and our marketing purposes. We will not pass on your information to third parties for marketing purposes.

2 Payments and Membership
2.1 Renewal subscription payments are due a year/six months after the initial joining date, subject to your chosen membership. An email reminder will be sent when your membership is due to expire.
2.2 Subscriptions are payable by credit/debit card online.
2.3 In the event of termination of membership within the membership period, for whatever reason, there will be no refund of membership subscriptions unless there are exceptional and legitimate medical grounds for such termination. The final decision on whether a refund is granted rests entirely with IGC London Ltd.
2.4 Subscriptions do not include any type of insurance.
2.5 Membership is for a fixed period of six months or one year.

3 General Behaviour & Dress Code
3.1 Participants must adhere to the dress code of the golf club being attended at all times whilst on the course and in the clubhouse.
3.2 Always exhibit high standards of etiquette, courtesy for others and respect for the course (i.e. repair pitch marks, rake bunkers etc)
3.3 General bad behaviour and use of bad language will not be tolerated at any event, and sanctions may be applied if this policy is not observed.
3.4 Participants will be held liable for any costs incurred in repairs or replacements to any fixtures and fittings, property or equipment at host clubs which has been deliberately, negligently or wantonly damaged. This also applies to the course and surrounding areas.

4 General Liability
4.1 IGC London Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to participants' property whilst at IGC events.
4.2 The golf course and surrounding areas are a natural environment, with woodland, ponds etc.. Paths are undulating, and there can be unexpected conditions under foot (rabbit scrapings etc). Whilst all efforts are made to make this as safe an environment as possible, we must balance that with a desire to leave the environment as natural as possible. IGC London Ltd cannot be held liable for any injury caused by slips, trips or falls or any other such incident whilst at IGC events.

5. Events
5.1. IGC London Ltd cannot be held accountable for the condition of the golf course, service quality by golf course staff and/or anything else under the control of the golf club.
5.2 If any event is cancelled by IGC London, for whatever reason, all pre-paid monies will be refunded immediately & in full or transferred to another event of your choice.
5.3 Deposit payments are accepted up until one month in advance of an event. Full payment must then be made within fourteen days of the event date. Failure to do so may result in your place being offered for re-sale with no refund offered.
5.4 All deposit & event payments secure your place at each event & are non-refundable.

6 Breach of these terms & conditions and Conduct
6.1 Violation of any of these terms & conditions will be subject to the person in violation of disciplinary action by IGC London Ltd, including possible termination of membership and exclusion of future events.

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